Christine Williams
Bio Topics - Sunday September 5 @ 10 am Topics - Friday September 3 @ 2 pm

Christine Williams started keeping fish while she was still a fetus. While the aqueous environment did lend itself to the hobby, it limited her to freshwater species, and so she decided to be born several weeks early. Through sign language she demanded that her parents convert her crib into a reef aquarium and thus started her illustrious career in marine ornamentals. After completing her studies in biochemistry and molecular microbiology she went to work at "Animal ER" where unfortunately she was not filmed for the Animal Planet channel (though her feet did make a cameo during a rescue segment). Currently she is the head of the Industrial Marine Microbiology team for her division of a "very large international chemical company," where she spends her days mixing chemicals, microorganisms and algae together and seeing if they will A) explode, B) glow in the dark, or C) make a good salsa. In order to further her skills (though not her cooking) she is also a graduate student at Stony Brook University's School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

When Aquariums Attack!

So, you worked in your tank and now you have a painful rash, and don't know why? Fish stings, other stings, spines, cuts, bites, envenomations, poisonings...all are fair game and all are possible in your home aquarium, and being prepared is your best defense. This lecture will teach you the basics of aquarium safety: animals that can hurt you, what symptoms to look out for, when to worry, when to REALLY worry, and how to treat injuries and unfortunate events.

Successful Seahorse Keeping

Seahorses are unlike any other creature you can keep: they act strange, look even stranger, and are an absolute pleasure to observe in your home. Learn their unique breeding style, feeding strategies, and how to keep and breed them with a minimum of effort. How are seahorses like Muppets? Why are female mammals jealous of mommy seahorses? And why are they dancing? All will be revealed...