Russell Whitney
Bio Topic - Sunday September 5 @ 9 am

Russell Whitney is a Florida native. He has spent the last 20 years engulfed in the aquarium hobby. He has worked 18 years in the industry. Russell is a founding father of the Orlando Reef Caretakers Association (ORCA) that began about ten years ago. He is currently an active member. Russell enjoys sharing his love of the hobby with fellow aquarium enthusiasts. He speaks at clubs throughout the state of Florida. He spends many hours on aquarium forums, starting back with Aqua Link to Reef Central in order to quench his thirst for knowledge and share what he knows with others. Russell began propagating corals with one of Stuber's first tank raised Acropora. He expanded his propagation to different species of Fungia. Russell built his own company, Ocean's Blend. As owner and operator, Russ manufacturer's chemical additives and coral food for salt water aquariums.

Ca, Alk, & Mag - Basics

Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium The Basics is a presentation for a wide range of reef hobbyists. The discussion will cover what calcium, alkalinity and magnesium are and how each affects your aquarium. As you know there are over a million and one ways to maintain aquariums. We will explore methods on the "how to" and "why", so you can choose what application works best for you. In addition, we will visit pH and strontium to help guide you through the myths and unknown.