Steven Pro
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Steven Pro has been working fulltime in the ornamental aquatics industry for over 15 years now primarily doing design, sales, installation, and ongoing maintenance of aquarium displays, but he has done his fair share of time working the sales floor at pet stores too.

He has also written over 40 articles for various aquarium publications and presented at more than 50 aquarium clubs and conferences across the US. Additionally, he has taken an active role in the aquarium hobby serving on the Board of Directors of his local marine society as well as national organizations such as the Marine Aquarium Society of North America and the American Marinelife Dealers Association and was Co-Chair of the 19th annual Marine Aquarium Conference of North America.

Reef Aquarium Lighting Practical Applications

Lighting a reef display can be one of the most complicated decisions we hobbyists make. Microeinsteins per meter squared per second. The temperature of a theoretical black body object in degrees Kelvin. We hobbyists have tried to dumb things down with rules of thumb like watts per gallon, but I think the pendellum has swung too far. I am going to attempt to explain some complex ideas as well as provide some simple advice to avoid all too common mistakes, which can cost real money.

Coral Propagation Workshop

It slices. It dices. It clips, cuts, and chisels. No, it is not the latest Ginsu knife. It is the Pro Coral-o-matic. Come watch him whack to pieces a variety of cnidarians and mount the fragments using several techniques.

How to Bid For, Plan, and Host a MACNA

This is a roundtable discussion of past hosts. Its purpose is to expose and encourage MASNA member clubs to host a MACNA in their hometown. It will cover the bid process, hotel and convention center issues, booking speakers, approaching exhibitors and sponsors, promoting the show, and budgeting.