Matt Pedersen
Bio Topic - Saturday September 4 @ 10 am

Matt Pedersen currently resides in Duluth, MN, and has been a marine aquarist for 23 years, and an aquarist for 28 years. Matt's current area of interest is marine fish breeding. He has currently spawned 17 species of marine fish, successfully raising six of them including one worldwide first (the Harlequin Filefish, Oxymonacanthus longirostris). Matt Pedersen is credited with starting MOFIB (Marine Ornamental Fish & Invertebrate Breeder's Association) and writing for multiple publications including Coral, Koralle, Practical Fishkeeping and Reef Hobbyist Magazine. Matt was awarded "Aquarist of the Year" honors by both IMAC West and MASNA in 2009 in recognition of his accomplishments and contributions to the marine aquarium hobby.

Rethinking the Harlequin Filefish

The story and details of how the Harlequin or Orange-Spotted Filefish (Oxymonacanthus longirostris) went from doomed in captivity to being spawned and reared in captivity.