Scott Michael
Bio Topic - Saturday September 4 @ 11 am

Scott W. Michael is an internationally recognized writer, underwater photographer, and researcher that specializes in elasmobranchs and coral reef fishes. He has studied the behavioral ecology of sharks in New Zealand and the Gulf of California. His passion for cartilaginous fishes resulted in his first book, Reef Sharks and Rays of the World (1994). He subsequently moved further down the food chain and began researching the behavioral ecology of reef fishes. He has written nine books related to coral reef fish behavior and husbandry. A marine aquarist since boyhood, he has kept marine fishes for more than 35 years, with many years of extensive involvement in the ornamental marine fish trade, including a period of retail store ownership. He currently works with the aquarium maintenance company, Reef Tectonics. Scott resides in Lincoln, Nebraska with his wife Janine Cairns-Michael (a displaced New Zealander) and his golden retriever "Bella."

A Celebration of Coral Reef Critters!

Reefs are renowned for their incredible biological diversity. In this presentation, we will look at some of the many "critters" that are well-suited for reef aquariums. This includes an examination of some of the amazing symbiotic relationships that can be "set-up" and observed in the home aquarium. We will also discuss some of the species that are becoming more readily available in the hobby that were once rarely seen. Note: I will be showing what us old folks refer to as "slides," which may be a new experience for many younger hobbyists!