Lindsey Kayal

Bio Topic - Friday September 3 @ 1 pm

Lindsey Kayal is the head of Technical Support at Seachem Laboratories, Inc. Lindsey graduated from the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Having grown up on the beaches of South Florida, her passion for the ocean and science background led her to Seachem shortly after graduation. Her days consist of communicating with hobbyists in order to further educate them on proper aquarium-keeping, maintenance of several large aquariums, and performing research studies to further our understanding of the hobby.

Strontium Coral Growth

The topic of discussion will be an ongoing research project related to strontium and its impact on coral growth rates. There is a lack of valuable information available with regard to whether strontium is necessary for corals. Through this research, Lindsey hopes to provide some insight and ultimately, an answer to this controversial question.

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