Kelly Jedlicki
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Kelly Jedlicki is a long-time aquarist and hobby contributor working in the medical profession with a very long of list of credentials. She brings her knowledge and empathy for all animals and life to the practice of aquariology. Areas of expertise include pathology, disease prevention and management, predatory marine fishes, elasmobranchs and seahorses. Her special love and study of pufferfishes earned her the moniker "puffer queen' by the highly respected reef photographer and writer Scott Michael. She applies her practical wisdom daily to an aquatic collection totaling around 3000 gallons of seawater. With seventeen years of industry experience, her accreditation includes elected board positions such as President and Vice president of the Louisville Marine Aquarium Society, which has successfully hosted three MACNAs, and Vice President of MASNA. Kelly has her own forum, "Disease, Health & Wellness, on She has published articles on puffer husbandry, dentistry and cholelithiasis as well as shark husbandry. She has presented both nationally and internationally.

In her spare time, Kelly is the Co-founder and Director of the Shelby County No Kill Mission. She was instrumental in Shelby County becoming the first No Kill County run shelter in Kentucky.

Comprehensive Fish Disease and Wellness Treatments

This presentation will help aquarium hobbyists take a logical and systematic approach to disease prevention and treatments with instruction from a pet health expert. The default protocol to date of rather blindly adding pills and liquid drops to an aquarium is usually not the best or or even a safe approach to disease prevention and management. Instead, hobbyists will leave this presentation with a fuller understanding of what is happening when an aquarium is infected and what needs to be done to keep fishes healthy for life.

Being Prepared for the Unexpected! An ounce of prevention...

Be prepared - it can happen to you!

Sometimes when you think your tank is stable and everything is running smoothly, an unforeseen mishap occurs: power outage, tank leak, pump failure, disease outbreak, etc. A surprisingly small and inexpensive amount of preparedness can be the difference between losing thousands of dollars and lives in your aquarium, and navigating a potential disaster smoothly instead. A thorough contingency plan needs to be established once and scarcely revisited to give your aquarium and dependent livestock the insurance they deserve and peace of mind for you to be able to weather the bumps bumps ion the road that we all encounter from time to time. This presentation will help you prevent or lessen the impact of a disaster. Are you prepared?