Scott Fellman
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My name is Scott Fellman, and I'm the consummate "reef geek"! I bleed saltwater!

Much of my life centers around tweaking my protein skimmer, scraping algae, cleaning up spills, or figuring out how to unglue my fingers. I've been keeping marine aquariums since I was 12 years old, and during that time, I have maintained all sorts of aquariums, fish bowls, plastic boxes, and just about anything that can hold water. My passions are aquascaping and marine biotope aquariums. I love this hobby and the people in it!

I've mentored fellow hobbyists since 2002 on Bob Fenner's site, and I was Co-Editor of WWM's Conscientious Aquarist online magazine for a couple of years. I served as president of my local club, the Marine Aquarium Society of Los Angeles County, in 2006. I've written a number of articles for Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine, Ultramarine UK, Marine Fish and Reef USA Annual, "C" Journal, and other online venues, such as Reef Builders, where I write a weekly blog on a variety of reef-related topics.

In addition to my writing, I have racked up the frequent-flyer miles, travelling all over the U.S. speaking at clubs about all sorts of reef-related stuff. I presented at MACNA XIX in Pittsburgh, IMAC 2008 in Chicago, MACNA XX in Atlanta, and MACNA XI in Atlantic City, as well as IMAC West in Long Beach, and Reef-a-Palooza in SoCal. I am honored to be presenting at MACNA XXII! I'm really trying to complete a book on marine biotope aquaria and aquascaping before this century is over, and I'm sure my aquarium is due for a water change at some point!

When I'm not trying to replicate the ocean in my aquariums, I'm usually surfing in it at my local beach, dining at new restaurants (another great love), watching ice hockey, or SCUBA diving. I reside in the Los Angeles area.

Splendor in the Grass: Seagrasses in the Aquarium

Are you looking for a new challenge in marine aquarium keeping? Tired of the same old coral-and-rock-dominated aquascapes? How about keeping some seagrasses in your reef system?

Seagrasses are true plants (not macroalgae-so get the image of Caulerpa out of your head!), and they can create a fascinating, ever-changing, and challenging addition to your aquarium.

In this discussion, we'll talk about the identification, selection, and care of seagrasses, what fishes you can keep with them, and how you can incorporate seagrasses into your aquascaping. We'll even talk about propagating them for profit!

Seagrasses are an exciting new frontier for marine hobbyists, and represent a ground-floor opportunity for us to contribute to the body of knowledge of the captive husbandry and propagation of these amazing plants. If you're not careful, you might even end up wanting to set up an aquarium just for them!


Maybe you're lucky and talented, and aquascaping comes easily to you. Maybe it's not, however, and the idea of creating an attractive aquascape isn't so easy for you. What? You'd rather fine tune your protein skimmer or re-plumb your sump than play with your rockwork! You need some help! You might very well be "aesthetically challenged"!

Have no fear, this workshop is for you! There is hope for you, trust me. We'll examine the basics of aquascaping design, including layouts, selecting aquascaping materials, working with rock, substrate materials, ways to hide plumbing, etc..

Part instructional, part audience participation, part total absurdity, and part group therapy- the goal of this workshop is to help you develop confidence in your aquascaping. With plenty of ideas for creating "goof proof" 'scapes, my hope is that this workshop helps you develop the skills you'll need to create a beautiful aquascape in your own aquarium! Aquascaping is fun! Anyone can do it! Remember, this isn't just about aquascaping- it's aquascaping for the aesthetically challenged!