James Fatherree
Bio Topic - Friday September 3 @ 3 pm

James Fatherree is a science instructor at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida. He has been an aquarium hobbyist since childhood, has been keeping marine aquariums for almost 20 years, and has spent many days diving in Florida, the Bahamas, Hawaii, Japan, and Indonesia, too. In the past, he also managed an aquarium store, owned and operated an aquarium design, installation, and maintenance business, and worked for an aquarium livestock collector/wholesaler in Florida. James has also published over 200 articles in various aquarium magazines in the U.S. and Europe, and has written and illustrated several books on the topics of reef organisms and marine aquariums, the latest of which is Giant Clams in the Sea and the Aquarium.

For more info, visit his homepage at www.fatherree.com/james.

Making Your Reef Aquarium Greener: How to reduce electrical consumption and other ways to make your tank more environmentally friendly (and cheaper to run)

I will cover various methods I've used to dramatically reduce my tanks' electrical consumption. This will include data on the use of reflectors and timers with lighting systems, the use of timers with pumps, and other tricks you probably have never thought of, which have cut my bill in half. I'll also talk about what to do with all that R.O. wastewater, using base rock and aquacultured livestock, and other related topics.