Johannes Duerbaum

Bio Topic - Friday September 3 @ 5 pm

Johannes Duerbaum, age 45, marine biologist from Germany specializing in echinoderms and copepods among other aspects in Zoology and Ethology. For over 15 years, Johannes has traveled to remote areas to further his knowledge of marine reef keeping. Johannes has worked for 5 years for Sera Germany in product development and sales and before that Schuran Seawater Equipment company in Germany.

The absolute Highlight of a marine symbiosis: Gobies and Pistol shrimps (Gobiidae & Alpheidae)- new perspectives gained from aquarium observations

Goby fish (Gobiidae) and pistol shrimps (Alpheidae) are known to form intense symbioses. Certain fish species live with certain species of pistol shrimps on sandy seafloors in a shared home which is a tunnel like burrow. The shrimp builds and maintains the burrow, the goby as co-inhabitant cares for the security of the shrimp outside the burrow. While a lot of research had been conducted above the surface in nature, aquaria were used in the present study to get insight into the hidden part of the symbiosis, i.e. into the burrows. Further other non yet known behaviours of the highly complex symbiosis will be presented by video film.

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