Justin Credabel
Bio Topic - Saturday September 4 @ 2 pm

Justin Credabel is orginially from New London, Connecticut. He recently transplanted to Los Angeles to grow more coral than ever before. He spent the first 12 years of his career on the retail side of fish and coral, where he helped unlock the mysteries of Goniopora.

He went to found the non-profit Applied Sustainable Aquaculture to conduct research on coral propagation, and educate the public about coral aquaculture and the importance of coral in the wild. At the Coral Research Lab at the Science and Technology Magnet High School of Southeastern Connecticut Justin further refined the techniques of fusing mulitple coral together to create new varieties, and micro-culture techniques. Justin also founded the Coral Bank, a living stocks collection of coral in captivity, during his time at the Science Magnet school. The website is www.coralbank.org

Justin is now at Exotic Reef Imports in Los Angeles where he is developing the aquaculture division, and establishing new strains of captive grown coral, including many species of Goniopora, and new varieties of fused coral. Justin is also in the band Incognito Sofa Love, signed to Tribe Muzik. He is often joined by is friends and daughters in the creation of music and videos.

The Reef Hobby and Environmental Issues

The reef hobby has done more to introduce the general public to the vast array of marine organisms and created awareness about the tropical reef environment. However we as hobbyists must consider our own environmental impact both locally and globally as we pursue our passions. Decisions we make daily have an effect on our environment. We all can promote and use environmentally friendly practices, from purchasing captive grown, raised fish and coral, to energy efficient aquariums. The reef hobby has the potential to mitigate current threats to our oceans and local environments or make them worse. It is up to you the hobbyist