Reef Cleaners was started by two brothers, John and Joseph Maloney.

Both of us grew up in sunny South Florida and have enjoyed snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear waters there.

We were hobbyists before we became retailers, and understand how important the health of your tank is to you. All of our products are reef safe, and include cautionary instructions where applicable. We adhere to strict quarantine procedures to ensure unwanted pests do not take hold in your tank when dipping isn't adequate.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and advice. If you have questions please let us know, we are here to help.

If you have a nuisance algae problem, but are not quite sure what nuisance you have, try our Nuisance Algae Guide , maybe it can point you in the right direction and allow us to better serve you. Alternatively feel free to contact us and we will work to ID your nuisance algae.

We follow and support environmentally friendly collection practices to ensure that the wonders we witness today are there for the generations to come. We only carry livestock that has been collected in a responsible manner by professionals within the United States that follow sound regulatory policy. We do not buy from products that originate from areas with a lack of regulatory oversight of the fishing industry. Additionally, we will never knowingly purchase livestock from any collector that uses trawls, rakes, or any other apparatus that causes damage the sea floor, or the substrate.

John was elected to the Ochlockonee River Soil and Water Conservation District that works to develop environmentally sound policies within Leon County. During his time on that board he worked on a project to re-align Lake Munson, fixing an error made in a previous project. The design advocated by the board will save an estimated 300 Cypress trees that serve as a habitat to countless fish and wildlife.