Tropical Reef Corals

At Tropical Reef Corals, all our coral colonies have been growing for years in our own established, extremely stable display tanks for several years. We have been extremely selective in our coral choices and hand pick only the most colorful and beautiful frags for our own enjoyment. This includes many high quality rare and collector corals acquired from their original source.

Once our corals have grown too large for our tanks (typically several years) we begin the process of fragging them for your enjoyment. Because our corals are so stable and healthy, they typically have a high survival rate when properly acclimated to your tank. We always take the time to pre-treat and dip new corals when we acquire them, then quarantine them prior to adding them to our tanks. This extra care insures our corals are grown in disease and pest free conditions.

Most of our frags are large (typical acropora frag size is approximately 1-1/2") mounted, fully healed and well encrusted. Many people report they see their corals start to grow almost immediately!