MOFIB is Marine Ornamental Fish & Invertebrate Breeders, an international group of private and commercial aquarists, aquaculture/mariculture businesses and researchers, dedicated to increasing the production, variety, quality and availability of captive bred marine fish and invertebrates by fostering innovation and advancement in the art and science of marine fish breeding and marine invertebrate breeding.

We believe by improving, growing, and centralizing the world's Marine Breeding Community, Saltwater Fish & Invert Breeding Information, and Captive Bred Fish & Invertebrate Marketplace,we foster Innovation, ultimately helping to preserve the wild reefs that currently provide the vast majority of life we keep in the marine / saltwater aquarium hobby.

MOFIB is undergoing rapid ongoing development. There's already a wealth of saltwater fish & invertebrate breeding information and an active community of Marine Breeders inside.