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Tropical Fish Hobbyist is known as The World's Aquarium Magazine Since 1952 for good reason. With more photos than any other aquatic magazine, Tropical Fish Hobbyist is indeed BIGGER and BETTER. Just one read through Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine makes it easy to see why we are the absolute best in the business, whether you are interested in freshwater aquariums, saltwater setups, pondkeeping, or all of the above-from the most basic low-tech natural setups to the ultimate high-tech dream systems, TFH covers it all!

NEW & INTERMEDIATE HOBBYISTS enjoy TFH as their basic questions are answered and they develop confidence in their fishkeeping skills.

EXPERIENCED HOBBYISTS get the results they need as each month brings remarkable new discoveries, new species, new technologies, and new ideas.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Each issue contains a visual treasure trove of exciting photos illustrating provocative articles by the world's foremost tropical fish experts.