Juicy Corals

Juicy Corals is a Family owned and operated business. We believe that customer satisfaction and the quality and health of the corals we offer is priority number one! We will never deceive you by posting a picture of a coral with colors that you can't easily attain with proper tank parameters and similar lighting conditions. We will also try to provide our customers with picture of each mother colony and a representation of the frag that they will receive. We don't want anyone to feel like they have been taken advantage of, or unhappy with the frags that they receive from us! We strive to practice honest straight forward business practices as well as holding ourselves to higher standard than most online coral sites are just some of our top priorities.

You will never receive a freshly cut frag (without your express consent) or a frag that is cut from the underside of the colony forcing you to look at a brown stick for weeks. We will hold all of our frags until they are fully colored up, encrusted to the plug and showing visible signs of new growth! Our systems are pest free and will stay that way due to our three stage quarantine regimen. Even new corals must go through a minimum of 9 weeks QT before being sold or moved into our main tanks!

We have been keeping saltwater tanks for over 10 years....8 years of reef and propagation experience. We provide Certified Aquaculture that is inspected by the division of Aquaculture on a regular basis. We provide tank raised corals to help save the natural reefs and to provide corals that are already adjusted to captive conditions! Sometimes we will offer maricultured pieces and the occasional wild piece, but in the cases of wild collection, we will only buy from countries that practice safe and sustainable collection practices.