AquaFX builds each reverse osmosis water purifier unit by hand. This enables us to build your RO or RO/DI unit to your specifications; even our standard units are built to order. Our attention to detail, outstanding customer service, and years of experience come though with each unit. Our staff consists of engineers, digital media folks, students and more.

AquaFX, a division of Aqua Engineering & Equipment, Inc. has been a recognized leader in the production of high quality reverse osmosis and deionization (RO/DI) units for over a decade!

Reverse Osmosis units manufactured by AquaFX are seen in many industries in need for high end water filters including bio-technology, Hospitals, Universities, Autoclave steam sterilizers, and Hydroponics to name a few. We are very proud and continuously strive to achieve the best in customer service and technology.