Purely H2O

Purely H2O is an Orlando Florida based company specializing in full spectrum water treatment technology in residential, commercial, industrial, municipalities, and aquarium reverse osmosis, water softening and RO DI applications. Our methods of treatment include de ionization, reverse osmosis, water softeners, whole house carbon and sediment removal systems.

Purely H2O carries a full line of meters and controllers such as TDS, conductivity, and pH meters, thermometers, salinity testers, nitrate meters, refractometers and more. If your looking for the best in aquarium RO DI systems built to stand the test of time and saltwater abuse you have found the rite place! In the world of RO DI water treatment there are allot of RO DI systems and reverse osmosis systems that just don't measure up and until now the good reverse osmosis and RO DI systems have been expensive and out of reach.

We strive to provide not only the best home and aquarium reverse osmosis, RO DI systems and accessories but we keep the prices down as well! We have the technology to handle whatever your water treatment needs may be