Reef 411 is your little piece of the reef - Online. We have formed our community to provide fellow Marine Aquarium Hobbyists with wholesale pricing on Coral and Fish. We got tired of paying Top Dollar for Miniature Corals from the LFS or Online Retailer. We want our members to have BIGGER, BETTER, & CHEAPER MARINE LIVESTOCK!

Reef 411 Network Members pool together and purchase THOUSANDS of dollar$ worth of Coral on a bi-weekly basis from our International Transhippers (Indonesia, Australia, Bali, Hawaii, etc). THIS PROVIDES REEF 411 MEMBERS WITH WHOLESALE PRICING ON EVERYTHING SALTWATER! Basically our members pay what the LFS and online retailers pays.

No more $200 for 1/2" frag of a nice watermelon chalice! As a Reef 411 Member you can get an entire COLONY for $200!!!!

Furthermore, we want our fellow Reefers to share with us and the Reef Community their information, knowledge, pictures, and Opinions on everything Saltwater. We want to provide a One-Stop-Shop of Information, Resources, and Marine Livestock.

So Please, Check us out online at and sign up to share with us your little piece of the reef.