Reef Gently

Reef Gently leverages experience and ingenuity to promote responsible husbandry by the home aquarist. Capitalizing on steady growth in the home aquarium hobby, Reef Gently desires to increase hobbyist competence and enhance satisfaction while simultaneously reducing the impact of our hobby on the wild habitats of the world.

Reef Gently, Inc. is a brand for the little guy. We are about the hobbyist-turned-inventor who has come up with a quality product that helps aquarists be more successful. We are not about sucking up and squashing products and dreams. We are about synergy and growing together; about the little guy who makes it big. Our products are based on grass-roots ideas that stem from hands-on experience in the hobby. We do not take ownership of our products, ownership stays with the inventors but we provide a solid and respected brand to bring to market quality products created by people who know the hobby.

We are a family brand, not a brand owned by a family but a brand of people and products that form a family. Reef Gently is about throwing our ideas all onto the table and seeing what works. We are selective. We do not take all-comers. Reef Gently carefully searches and ferrets out people who have products that offer real value to our loyal customer base. We take only proactively selected products into our brand family to ensure that when people recognize the Reef Gently brand they feel good about it, safe with it. People know that whatever Reef Gently places its mark on is a quality product that works made by real people who know what that means.