After successfully partnering and manufacturing throughout the world, SICCE, a name synonymous with quality, reliability, and cutting edge technology, is proud to announce its commitment to the American markets with a full line of aquarium and pond pumps, advanced filtration and pond lighting. We bring over 35 years of expertise and technical knowledge to dealers, distributors, and hobbyists who care about superior quality and service from a company they can trust.

Thanks to important technical solutions, SICCE possesses prestigious international patents, which position it among world market leaders. Since 1974, our company has made innovative research its philosophy. Our constant presence on the global market and dedication to the development of new products, permits SICCE to confirm worldwide its extremely high standards of quality and innovation. The Voyager Stream and the Syncra Silent pumps are among our latest innovations.

SICCE USA is committed to the aquarium and pond industries, its dealers, the consumers and the pets they keep. Our distribution center in Knoxville, TN serves the North American and U.S. markets. Through a dedicated network of distributors and dealers, our mission is to provide "best in class" products that consumers demand. At SICCE USA, we believe there are better ways to build quality products at prices that our distributors, dealers and consumers appreciate.