Reef Wholesale

Reef Wholesale is a Marine Distributor based in Canada recognized for being a leader in the Aquarium industry, offering a specialized selection of products and truly unique services.

In order to best respond to the needs of our clients, we are continually searching for top quality products in the aquarium industry, thoroughly testing them ourselves on our large stock tanks and our personal tanks, creating detailed product guides for retail stores and consumers, and informative advertising material. By properly researching and testing our product lines, we can fully support our product lines both at the retail and consumer levels.

With two lifetimes of aquarium experience and over 12 years combined of marine experience, we strive to offer products we use ourselves as hobbyists and which are tried, tested and proven to be some of the best products available.

As hobbyists, we understand how hard it can be to get knowledgeable technical support, warranty service and warranty support.

As a Distributor, we offer technical and warranty service and support to ALL our client stores and their clients.