Blue Water Tropicals

We're first and foremost hobbyist who got tired of paying high prices for corals. We knew there had to be another way to bring high quality coral and livestock to the masses at considerably lower prices. We leased a warehouse outside of Houston, TX and started buying direct from overseas and local hobbyist. We started small, selling to a few online retailers and soon branched out to more selling the livestock we had at pennies on the dollar markup in hopes that would give them more room to lower their prices. That idea back fired on us, and just made their pockets deeper so we decided it was time for us to go "Online".

You will NEVER see a "Photoshoped" picture on our website. We do our best to show you an accurate picture of the livestock that you are buying. ALL the coral and fish we sell are "what you see, is what you get (WYSIWYG)". The biggest complaint we hear from our customers is the best kind of complaint you want to hear and it's that the livestock they bought from us looks much better in person then in our pictures!

Our Motto: Quality Livestock @ Quantity Prices!

Sorry, at this time, we are not open to the public. We will be in the future at some point though!