Reef Diversity

Reef Diversity is proud to be recognized by the state of Florida as a Certified Aquaculture Facility. This insures that every coral you purchase from us to be an aquacultured piece raised in our own system. It guarantees that as growers we abide by the state's Best Management Practices which are designed to allow for only minimal environmental impact.

We believe that the future of our hobby lies with hobbyists and small coral farmers who "grow their own". Aquacultured corals allow all of us to continue to enjoy this wonderful hobby without negatively impacting our natural reefs. There are significant numbers of coral imported into the United States. Many of these beautiful animals do not survive the journey let alone captive conditions. Aquaculture allows us to reduce wild collection and provide corals that are fully acclimated to aquarium life.

Reef Diversity practices sustainable propagation. We are not a "chop shop" and do not purchase corals to "frag and bag". We maintain mother colonies of all the coral fragments you purchase from us. These colonies are harvested only when large enough to survive the process. They are then allowed to recover and put on new growth before they are harvested again.

We promise to do everything possible to provide you with healthy captive grown corals that will give you many years of enjoyment in your own aquarium system.