Boston Aqua Farms

Boston Aqua Farms is a small company based just outside of Boston Massachusetts. We are dedicated to the support and longevity of the coral reef keeping hobby and to the health and beauty of coral reefs around the world. We do this through the promotion of coral propagation by providing a group of products specificly chosen to benefit coral propagation knowledge and success around the world.

We also attend marine aquarium and reef education centered conferences and trade shows showing our products and teaching the basics of coral propagation.

Our inovative products are all designed for the coral propagation industry and trade, from the basement coral farmer to the multi thousand gallon coral propagation facility. We have been developing new products and have provided a number of "firsts" to the industry. Our Reef Plug is our design (copied by many but never duplicated) and our Coralline Colored Reef Glue is also unique to our product line (look for cheap copies in the near future).