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Coral Morphologic

Coral Morphologic is a marine biologist-owned and operated company that serves to connect discerning, conscientious aquarists with the highest quality Floridian corallimorphs, ricordea, and zoanthids. We strive to offer our corals at reasonable prices with little hype.

As marine biologists, our ultimate goal is to improve the understanding and appreciation of local corallimorph species; both in the wild and in aquaria. We understand that like-minded aquarists can contribute valuable information regarding the biological requirements, reproductive strategies, and morphological adaptations of these under-studied animals. Coral Morphologic seeks to build a bridge between aquarists, marine life collectors, and scientists in order to better understand these organisms.

Coral Morphologic is the proud holder of one of only 106 commercial ornamental marine life collection licenses in the state of Florida. All of our specimens are collected in a legal and environmentally ethical manner. Unlike almost all other online suppliers for the reef aquarium, we maintain oversight of our animals from the time they are collected in the ocean, until they are packed into the box that will take them to your door. We are not middlemen. At all times, we put the health of these organisms first and foremost. At Coral Morphologic we are personally committed to making sure that you are 100% satisfied with your order.

Additionally, our headquarters is a Florida state-certified coral aquaculture lab. As Coral Morphologic continues to grow, we shall be introducing an ever wider selection of aquacultured specimens from the Caribbean and Indo-Pacific. Furthermore, we encourage all of our customers to culture and distribute the clones of these unique morphs throughout the globe.