ATI is an industry leader in aquarium lighting producing T5 fixtures with unmatched performance and elegant design. The ATI Powermodule T5 and ATI SunPower T5 are the perfect merger of world-class engineering, sleek design and high-end components producing fixtures that are truly second to none. Both fixtures feature Miro-Silver reflectors and an active cooling system for unbeatable performance and long lamp life. ATI T5 bulbs feature an innovative mix of high-quality phosphorus producing bulbs with incredible output and color.

LET Lighting is an innovative new lighting company producing the innovative new MT5 Modular T5 fixture. The MT5 features a sleek, extruded champaign colored housing, active cooling system and true-parabolic reflectors made from 98% reflective Miro-Silver. Upgrading to a large tank? With the modular design it's easy to expand the fixture by simply adding an additional module. The MT5 is truly a one of a kind fixtu